Will I have to share with somebody else?
No, we do not place strangers in rooms together, if you would like to share a room with somebody that you are travelling with then that’s fine.
Is smoking permitted?
It is a strictly non smoking premises as in the UK it is now against the law to smoke inside public premisis. However there is a designated smoking area either in the garden or by the entrance. Smoking inside public areas is punishable by a £1000 fine.
What about drinking, is alchohol allowed?
May not be consumed on site by under 18s. We prefer that no alcohol be brought onto the premises.
Can I have visitors?

Yes, you can have visitors ( with permission) however they cannot stay overnight unless it is authorised by the management.

This is because we need to know who is in the premisis for health and safety and security reasons.

Are there shops close to where you are?
Yes, there are local shops within walkin distance which sell groceries, we are within easy reach of the West End via bus or the london underground.
ARE bedding and towels provided?

Yes, clean bedding and towels are provided. the beds are made ready for your arrival and if you would like your sheets changed at any time you can either ask a member of staff to do so or the sheets are accessible for you to do it yourself.

Where are you?
We are in an area called Stepney (local train station Stepney Green) which is in the London Borough of
Tower Hamlets.
Do you have a car park?
We do have a car park however spaces are limited so please enquire when you book about availability.